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Monrovia, Liberia - April 20, 2022 - Seven Pages
Justice Minister Calls Prosecutor Cephas to Order

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Liberia’s Justice Minister, Cllr. Musa Dean has ordered Solicitor General, Cllr. Syrenus Cephas to furnish to the office of the Justice Minister proper evidence which provides the basis for the persecution of Alexander B. Cummings and others of the Opposition National Alternative Congress (ANC). A press release from the ministry says, Minister Dean’s directive is consistent with section 22.2 of the Executive Law, which authorizes the Minister of Justice “to procure the proper evidence for and conduct, prosecute or defend all suits and proceedings, in the courts in which the Republic of Liberia or any officer thereof, as to such officer, is a party or may be interested”. In the release, the minister cautioned that the persecution of all cases must be approved by his office. The Minister said, persecutors are advised to furnish his office with the proper evidence in support of any and all prosecutions. The Minister emphatically noted that he is under obligation to ensure that the purpose of persecution is not to taunt, harass, grandstand, punish or convict, but to pursue the truth; and that in the instant case, the writ against Alexander B. Cummings and others was never quashed and, therefore, could not have been reinstated by the office of the minister. It can be recalled on Spoon Talk’s One on One with the CEO, April 24 Edition, Solicitor General Syrenus Cephas texted in to say, “A lot of misinformation is going on about my role in the Alexander B. Cumming and other trail, but the truth is was the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean who ordered the re-issuance of the writ against them after it was first quashed……”. The Liberian Government is prosecuting ANC Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings and two of his party executives, Party Chairman Daniel Naatehn, Chairman and Secretary General Aloysius Toe at the Monrovia City Court for allegedly tampering with the Collaborating Political Parties’ framework documents in 2021. All Liberian Party Political Leader Benoni Urey, who since withdrew from the collaboration, filed the complaint against Cummings and others.

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Unity Party Accuses NEC for Attempt to eliminate its candidate including Boakai

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Monrovia - February 28, 2022: President George Weah has suspended the Assistant Minister for Logistics at the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Emmanuel Potter for two weeks. According to an Executive Mansion release, Mr. Potter was suspended on Sunday for administrative reasons. The suspension takes immediate effect as of February 27, 2022. The Liberian leader is also quoted as calling on appointed officials of his administration to exhibit a high degree of probity and integrity and to respect senior officials.

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Police arrest 2016 murder Suspect; Kemokai

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The Liberia National Police say, murder suspect Sam Alieu Kemokai has been arrested and put in detention pending court trail for the death of 29 year old, Mercy Gbagah in 2016. According to the LNP statement, Mercy Gbagah was killed in Logan Town on December 4 2016, but the suspect since absconded. Sam was arrested on April 9, this year, according to the police. So far force investigation accused Sam Alieu Kemokai for wasted acid water on Mercy. She was rush to the JFK Medical Hospital where she died on arrival, the police said. The police assured the public that justice will be served as court actions awaits the suspect.

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Provide Protection for the Lawmaker

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Following life-threatening Facebook post from Representative Ruston lye Dennis, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection has written Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean “to kindly provide protection” for the female lawmaker. On Monday, April 25, District #4 Montserrado County Representative, Ruston lye Suacoco Dennis posted the below on her official Facebook page: I Believe CDC government is after my life I strongly believe they want to kill me there. Remembered these words as I speak! If I go missing no it’s because of my believe If I am found dead! No AUTOPSY please … just let me be The government is witch hunting me. They want to kill me in my opinion Remembered me! Remembered the work I have done Remembered what I intended to have done. Remembered me I a letter from the office of the Minister of Gender, copies sent to the President of Liberia, the Speaker and the President Pro-tempore of the Senator, says the justice minister should ensure the security of Rep. Dennis and arrest alleged perpetrators head of the investigation. It is not known if the ministry was acting on any local or international pressure. Representative Dennis keeps pointing accusing finger at the ruling party, Congress for Democratic Change and the government for what she calls “witch-hunt of her life” for her stance on critical national issues. Though the government or the ruling party are yet to respond, another government agency is strongly pushing without delay matter of her safety. Rep. Dennis considers herself as “one of the lead campaigners for the establishment of the war and Economic crimes court in Liberia”, something she said angers President George Weah and his supporters. When Spoon reporters on Tuesday morning visited her house to ask her on the gravity of the issue, she claimed, “I have received an assassination threat on my life, I was told not to sleep at my house for several days before something happen to me, since then, I have been sleeping out of my house, this is affecting my family especially my daughter”. She further revealed, “they have my picture and asking around for me, they have even gotten my host involved, carrying my host picture around hurting the person, I’m so afraid right now, anywhere I go, the “Master” is involved. Rep Dennis did not say who “The Master” is. In another development, the Representative has confirmed court proceeding between her and a lady identified as Cytarus Dahn before the Paynesville City Court. She could not stay detail of the case, the writ in the possession of Spoon News establishes that Representative Dennis faces multiple criminal charges including menacing, theft of property, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. . -30-.

SOS Children Village Boss Investigated for Rape

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Spoon News has learned that the National Director of SOS Children Village Liberia Augustine A. Alieu is being investigated for allegedly raping a 16-year old girl. The 16-year old girl is believed to be residing at the children Village, a safe home for underprivileged children and orphans in Montserrado County. According to report, the alleged perpetrator Mr. Augustine A. Alieu turned himself in on Wednesday evening. Police are said to be investigating the matter. SOS is currently the acting secretariat of Child Protection Network known as CPN and pundits believe that such allegation exposes the loopholes in the fight against rape and other domestic violence cases in Liberia. The CPN is the Child Protection Network comprising the Government of Liberia and all child protection actors. At the moment, the victim has been taken through the sexual gender based violence referral pathways. The Liberia National Police is yet to comment on the matter as Police Spokesperson Moses Carter promised to speak with this station later on. Details are still coming... -30- .

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Senate Elevates Community Colleges

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The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has concurred with the House of Representatives to elevate Grand Bassa County Community College to a full degree-granting institution. The concurrence by the Senate was necessitated by a bill forwarded to the Senate by House Chief Clerk, Mildred N. Sayon. The act entitled; ‘an act to repeal the 2008 act creating the Grand Bassa County Community College and establish Grand Bassa University College and Grant it a charter was passed during the 59th sitting of the Senate. The bill was initially passed into the full force of Law by the House of Representatives on July 6, 2021. In a related development, the Liberian Senate has also concurred with the House of Representatives to uplift the Nimba County Community College to the Nimba County University College. The Senate’s decision was triggered by the submission of an engrossed bill for the Nimba County Community College to be granted University status by the House of Representatives. Following the passage of the two instruments, Senate President and Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor mandated the Secretary of the Senate to communicate the actions of the Senate to the House of Representatives. "Cllr. Musa Dean has ordered Solicitor General"


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The Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia or CENTAL has frowned on conflict of interest allegations involving the Liberia Anti- Corruption Commission’s Vice-Chair Cllr. Kanio Gba Gbala at the Port of Buchanan. CENTAL said for a senior member of an institution that is charged with the responsibility of spearheading national efforts against corruption to allegedly be compromised is a matter of concern and should be speedily investigated. In a FrontPageAfrica publication dated August 30, 2021, LACC’s vice Chair Cllr. Kanio Gba Gbala was accused of being compromised in the ongoing criminal investigation at the Port of Buchanan. The newspaper reported that Cllr. Gba Gbala and the National Port Authority Managing Director Bill Tweahway secretly established a bogus company at the Port of Buchanan with the sole intention of defrauding Government of needed revenue. Meanwhile, the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia said Cllr. Gbala’s decision to request a leave of absence for a month to allow for investigation of the NPA matter and his responses to the report raise more questions than answers. Speaking at a press conference in Monrovia, the Executive Director for CENTAL, Anderson Miamen called on the government, especially President George Weah to show more political will and commitment in the fight against corruption in Liberia.

Rep. Dennis Promised Police Protection

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The Liberian Government has offered state security services for Montserrado County District Four Representative, Rustonlyn Dennis, after she announced threat on her life. The Government in a press release from Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie The release said, the security measure for Representative Dennis came as the result of a closed door meeting between the leadership of the House of Representatives and some Cabinet member of President Weah. Top government officials at the meeting included House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa, Minister of Justice, Musah Dean, Minister of Gender Williametta Piso Saydee Tarr, Minister Ledgerhood Rennie and the Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue. Spoon News learned that those government officials asked Justice Minister Musah Dean to look into the Paynesville Magisterial Court's Writ of Arrest against the Representative Dennis. It can be recalled, Spoon News last week visited the home of Representative Rustonlyn Dennis after she alarmed on her Facebook page security threat on her life; something she believed came from the Government, but Government, through the information Ministry has denied, saying it is not in the business of taking the lives of its citizens.

Measles Outbreak threatens Liberia’s Health System

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Liberia’s Ministry of Health has expressed fear over widespread suspected Measles cases in all 15 counties of the country. Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by measles virus with Symptoms that usually develop between 10–12 days. Serious complications are more common in children under the age of 5 according to the world health Organization. The most serious complications include blindness, brain swelling, severe diarrhea and related dehydration among others. The health ministry reported nearly 2000 suspected cases since the beginning of Year. Montserrado, the most populated county, has recorded more than 1000 suspected cases. The Ministry announced 229 suspected cases in Nimba, more than 130 suspected in Margibi and Grand Bassa over 150. The Ministry is calling for prompt national action to contain the outbreak to avoid overwhelming the already challenged health sector. Health officials spoke recently at the Ministry of Information. WHO says, the deadly measles virus killed 140 thousand people, mostly children under 5 in the world in 2018.

Court Insists: Joseph Boakai Will Appear to Testify

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The Monrovia City Court Judge Jomah Jallah, has denied the motion filed by prosecution lawyer for the non-appearance of former Vice President Joseph Boakai in Court. According to the Court, the prosecution has not demonstrated the elements or basis for which the Law considers for the deposition to take into this jurisdiction. The court further said, there is no showing by any means that Former Vice President Boakia is unable to appear in court or prevented from attending a trial or hearing. The Judge, Joma Jallah explained that the deposition for Boakia to testify is here by deny. At the same time, the court has marked as “permanent” the resolution of the four Collaborating Political Parties it earlier marked as “temporary”. The Court said, since the original copy of the CPP resolution document was not available, it would use the photocopy as the permanent evidence. Former Vice President Joseph Boakai, his party’s Secretary General and other officials of the Liberty Party including Seantor Nyounblee Karnga Lawrence are expected to testify against their one time opposition ally, Alexander B. Cummings.